Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review: RAGU

Since I was little the only spaghetti sauce we have ever used is Ragu. My Dad swears by the stuff and that is just what we have always used when we are making some kind of pasta dish. Even now that I am married and moved out and have kids of my own, we are still Ragu fans.

I was sent a FREE product coupon from Crowdtap to test and share Ragu. Of course I shared it, and it was on a very special occasion, my husband's birthday! We invited family and friends over, I made a cake, which is pictured but not yet frosted.

I made lasagna!!! I LOVE using ragu sauce for lasagna, 1 jar of this makes a big pot of this and you can feed a large group of people. The sauce is runny, but holds well when cooked up and sits in the dish.

The cake I made homemade peanut butter frosting to go on it. And I served the lasagna with garlic bread! It was delicious! Ragu sauce is amazing!

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